Collection: Celebration of Love

Love is celebration. It's celebration of the person you fall in love with for all that they were, are and will be. Sometimes when you have met them and sometimes even when you haven't even met them because love is special.

Love is a journey, a journey that becomes a part of you and defines you.

That one person who makes your heart pound at the sight of them and makes you feel home and another whose heart beat you have felt inside of you and it's that love which changes you.

YES, I DO is a moment that doesn't come once in your life but twice; once when you fall in love with a person and once when that love grows inside of you.

And there's nothing that makes us more happy than to be a part of such tremendous love stories.

Celebration of Love is made with utmost thought, love and care because few years down the lane when you will look at the pictures of yourself adorning them, it is going to make you happy and bring back the memories and knowing that we are a part of it is enough!!