Collection: Silver Lining

We wanted to shoot for our new edit in the month of March. And we couldn't do as planned because the world got succumbed to the Pandemic. We were saddened by what was happening to the world. Our works, lives had a great impact and it still does. What once seemed like doable, affordable, has now become luxury. We fear even the air that we breath. But what has kept us going is the hope that life will go back to normal, because remember, ''Every cloud has a Lining". Our new collection is an effort to embark on sustainable fashion, an effort to move towards greener tomorrows. And to celebrate our local artisans. The current situation is a reminder that it's a responsibility of all of us to protect our mother Earth. Together we will brave this odd. Together we will work towards leaving behind better tomorrows for our future generation. Together we will make sustainability our future.

With that always remember, "Every cloud has a Silver Lining".

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